Oat Flakes

Oat Flakes

Koelln Wholegrain Oats Porridge

Kölln® Oat Flakes

Kölln® oat flakes are what the company is famous for. They contain 100% wholegrain oats and nothing else.

How do you like your oat flakes? Particularly delicate like our Kölln® Wholegrain Oats for your favourite porridge in the morning or do you like it the quick way and prefer drinks made in an instant with Kölln® Soluble Oats? And for those who are not able to or do not want to eat gluten we have an alternative: Kölln® Wholegrain Oats gluten-free

In 2017, oats were named "Medicinal plant of the year" by the Institute for the History of Medicine of the University of Würzburg (Germany), a title which is only given to crops with scientifically evidenced clinical effects. Beside the oat straw and oat herb, the oat fruit – the oat grain – and its positive properties were particularly emphasized. This includes the natural content of protein, thiamine (vitamin B1), iron, magnesium and zinc in oats as well as the soluble oat fibre beta-glucan, which has normalizing properties on the cholesterol level. Find out more about beta-glucan here.




Kölln® oats are always wholegrain oats, as germ and bran (outer layers of the grain) are conserved during the processing of oats. Germ and bran are the most important parts of a grain and contain 85% of the vitamins, 80% of the mineral nutrients and 60% of the proteins. As germ and bran are conserved, the vitamins, nutrients and minerals naturally contained in oats are preserved.