Koelln Porridge with apples and blueberries

Kölln® Porridge

Based on Kölln® Wholegrain Oats and Kölln® Soluble Oats made from German oats, Kölln® Porridge products are compositions with delicious flavours which can be served chilled or heated as especially creamy porridges. By using only natural ingredients – no added aroma, no added salt – Kölln® Porridge varieties are not only a quick and tasty breakfast but also an enjoyable snack. 


Whether warm, cold or overnight: The preparation is quick and easy! 
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How do I prepare my Kölln® Porridge?

Our porridge varieties can be prepared both in the saucepan and in the microwave:

  • In a pot, bring 5 heaped tablespoons (50 g) of Kölln® Porridge to the boil in 200 ml low-fat milk or water while stirring. Remove from the heat and leave covered for 2 minutes.
  • For the preparation in the microwave you can put milk or water and Kölln® Porridge in a bowl. Heat for approx. 3 minutes on a medium level and also let stand for approx. 2 minutes.

Stir well before serving and enjoy!

Our tip:
We like our porridge best in the ratio of 50 g Porridge to 200 ml liquid. If you would like your porridge to be a bit firmer, reduce the amount of liquid, if you prefer a smoother porridge, simply add a little more milk or water.

Good to know

Our Porridge varieties are also convincing as overnight oats. Simply let them soak in milk or water in the fridge overnight and then refine them for cold enjoyment!

For overnight oats, we recommend mixing 50 g of Kölln® Porridge with 120 ml of liquid and letting it soak in the fridge for at least 6 hours.