Pictures with oat fields

All About Oats

Oats are part of the grasses family. Oat plants are a robust type of cereal preferring temperate regions. Main areas of cultivation are Northern and Central Europe.

As summer cereal, oats are sown in spring and harvesting starts at the end of August. Oat plants are clearly distinguishable from other types of cereals in the fields because oats have panicles. The individual kernels are covered by the husks, also called glumes. The husks are encasing the corn and are removed after harvesting by means of a special process.

In addition to German oats, we are using Scandinavian oats for our Kölln oat products as oats find good growth conditions in Finland and in Sweden: the mild climate combined with long summer days offers best conditions for growth and ripening process and, as a result, for development of big, bright and aromatic oat grains, something by which we set great store.

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