Terms of Use

1. General terms of use

The use of the www.koelln.com website and its second-level domains and subdomains (collectively the “Website”) are subject to the following terms of use:

a) If we offer services, products and other contract-dependent services on our website (for a fee or free of charge), the conclusion of contracts under applicable law requires that you are fully legally competent and at least 18 years old. If you are aged over 7 but not yet 18 years old, the effectiveness of contractual declarations requires the approval of your legal guardian.

b) We reserve all rights pertaining to the layout and content of this website which are subject to copyright and other intellectual property protection rights. The use of content on the website for own commercial purposes, in particular copying for use on other websites, passing it on for a fee, is prohibited unless we have expressly consented to the respective use in writing or by email.

c) The use of the Internet is associated with general risks due to the public access and any illegal manipulation of the content by unauthorised third parties. These risks also arise when using the www.koelln.com website. No claims asserted against us as a result of such risks shall be admitted in cases where we cannot be held responsible.

d) Utmost care has been taken in creating our website. However, although the information and content we have provided is correct to the best of our knowledge, the possibility of errors or inaccuracies cannot be ruled out. The information and content are provided for promotional purposes only and are non-binding. We can assume no liability whatsoever for the accuracy of the information and content on our website. In particular, we can accept no responsibility for ensuring that the information provided is appropriate for the user’s intended purpose. Any provisions to the contrary shall only apply if expressly agreed with the user or if we clearly wish to vouch for the accuracy of the information or content in question.

e) Insofar as we refer to other websites or third-party programmes through links, we assume no liability or responsibility for this external content. We hereby state that we have no influence on the content or layout of third-party websites to which we provide links, nor do we adopt their content as our own.

f) If we offer interactive services on the website, e.g. enable chat services, comments functions or guestbook entries, we would like to protect your freedom of expression, but also the freedom of expression of other visitors, and expect all users to respect the rights of others. This means that all users behave lawfully and adhere to the following basic rules of conduct:

  • you comply with all applicable laws. All activities which violate applicable law, violate third party rights or violate the principles of the protection of minors are prohibited when using our website;
  • you respect the rights of others, including personal rights and intellectual property rights;
  • you do not abuse or harm others or yourself (and do not threaten or encourage such behaviour), e.g. through misleading, fraud, defamation, bullying, harassment or stalking; and
  • you do not misuse the services on our website and do not damage, impair or disturb same.

g) Availability of the website: We strive to ensure that the website can be used without interruption. There is no entitlement to a certain minimum availability; damages arising from any unavailability of the website and any missing / interrupted functionality of the services offered are excluded.

h) Access to and use of this website shall be exclusively governed by German law.


2. Data Protection

To access the information on Data Protection, please click here.