Koelln pictures showing different recipes with oats

For cooking, baking, drinks, desserts...

You know that our oat flakes, oat mueslis, oat granolas, porridges and oat cereals taste particularly good with milk or yogurt. But have you ever tried to use them for cooking or baking? No matter whether quick snacks, delicious porridge, fine cakes and biscuits or savoury dishes – check out our recipes and enjoy the versatility of Kölln® products!




Versatile & delicious

With all our Kölln® oat flakes you can prepare almost every recipe idea, because they taste delicious

  • for breakfast or between meals in porridge or muesli
  • as a breakfast drink and in smoothies
  • savoury in soups and stews as well as in main dishes with and without meat
  • in cakes and biscuits as well as bread, quiches, tarts etc.
  • as a breading for cakes, vegetables, meat or fish

Be inspired  and you will certainly have lots of ideas on how to prepare your favourite recipes with oats!

We have one more tip for you:
When baking, you can replace 1/3 of the amount of flour used in each recipe with Kölln® oat flakes