Koelln Oat Muesli Fruit Pack on Table

Kölln® Oat Muesli Fruit

A must for all fruit lovers! In this fruity muesli which is only sweetened with a bit of honey we use regular rolled Kölln® wholegrain oat flakes, sunflower seeds and Kölln® Oat Crispies as well as 36% dried fruit components.

  • 53% wholegrain
  • Rich in dietary fibre
  • No added salt
  • With bourbon vanilla extract

Kölln® Oat Muesli Fruit contains

  • 36% dried fruit (date pieces, raisins, sultanas, apricot pieces, apple pieces, banana flakes and raspberry pieces)

...and tastes particularly good with milk, juice or yogurt.

Oat Flakes
Raisins & Sultanas
Sunflower seeds