Mission Statement

What guides us – day by day

  • Our understanding of quality:

    Our understanding of quality:

    Quality is the top priority when producing foods. Quality means safety and reliability in the interest of our customers’ health.

    Our understanding of quality:
    • Being a leading company in the food industry by demonstrating competence, consistency and passion.
    • All corporate aspects cope with our premium requirements at any time.
    • Use of highest standards and exercise of utmost care in all processes.
    • Our brands and products convince through quality and taste. 
  • Our understanding of responsibility:

    Our understanding of responsibility:

    As a family business with long-standing relationships with its customers, employees, business partners and the society, responsibility is the fundamental prerequisite for any kind of entrepreneurial activity.

    Our understanding of responsibility:
    • Being committed to our long company tradition and the wealth of experience resulting thereof. 
    • Respecting of laws and rules, checking ourselves and being reviewed by others.
    • Keeping up of an open and fair relationship among each other, with our partners and stakeholders. 
    • Acting in knowledge of assuming sustained responsibility for humans, society and the environment. 
    • Being a reliable company that can be trusted without hesitation. 
  • Our understanding of innovation:

    Our understanding of innovation:

    Our world is characterised by constant change. Innovation is the decisive requirement for an active participation in technological and social progress.

    Our understanding of innovation:
    • Being creative, doing research and giving impulses internally and externally. 
    • Recognising of consumers’ needs at an early stage and acting accordingly.
    • Thinking comprehensively about new subjects across borders and developing of good solutions in dialogue with partners. 
    • Breaking new grounds with determination and courage.