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  • Kölln® anniversary edition

    Now available in Germany

    To celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2020, the company Peter Kölln created two oat mueslis in particularly popular flavours: Oat Granola Berry & Chocolate and Oat Granola Nut & Chocolate. In the new design of the Kölln muesli range and with an anniversary logo in silver-colored embossing, both mueslis indicate at first glance that they stand for crunchy-chocolatey pleasure à la Kölln.

    The beginnings of the company Peter Kölln date back to the end of the 18th century when Hans Hinrich Kölln bought a small horse-driven grain mill. From Elmshorn he supplied seafarers heading for Greenland with ship's biscuits. After the death of Hans Hinrich Kölln, his wife Metta ran the business until his son Peter became of an age to succeed and to found today’s industrial enterprise in 1820. The company is still a family business and still produces in Elmshorn – the well-known Kölln oat flakes as well as the popular oat mueslis, Oat Crispies and many other Kölln specialties.

    Every year new product ideas with oats are developed. The anniversary Oat Granola Berry & Chocolate is a mix of crunchy oat pieces, many red fruits (cranberries, strawberries, sour cherries, raspberries and black currants) and white chocolate. Oat Granola Nut & Chocolate is a crunchy wholegrain muesli with hazelnuts and white and dark chocolate.

    Kölln® Oat Granola Berry & Chocolate and Kölln® Oat Granola Nut & Chocolate convince with
    ✔ their irresistible taste
    ✔ a high wholegrain content (58%)
    ✔ UTZ certified white and dark chocolate

  • Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Mango Turmeric

    Now available in Germany

    Discover our latest crunchy creation: With its exotic extra, Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Mango Turmeric convinces with Far Eastern crunchy delight. In addition, this innovation with its bright coloured design is a real eye-catcher in the muesli shelf.

    More and more consumers are enthusiastic about turmeric. The Asian spice is a star in many recipe ideas and will now also take its place in the cereal bowl. In Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Mango Turmeric, turmeric spice is baked into the crunchy pieces and gives them the typical yellow colour and a fine spicy taste. In addition, turmeric gives the milk or the plant drink a strong yellow colour when eating the cereal. Freeze-dried mango pieces enhance the exotic note of this muesli creation which is rounded off with delicate white chocolate.

    Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Mango Turmeric convinces with:
    ✔ a high wholegrain content (62%)
    ✔ natural flavours 
    ✔ UTZ certified white chocolate 

  • Comes from the heart:
    The new Kölln® Oat Porridge range

    Now available in Germany

    In March 2019 we introduce our new range of porridges – with advanced recipes, new varieties and a fairy-tale design, we position ourselves as the oat specialist and expert in oat porridge.

    We have developed our porridge range further, adding two more products to the range. With more valuable ingredients, the existing varieties Fruity, Chocolatey and Nutty taste even better now and are complemented by the new varieties Berry and Cinnamon. All Kölln oat porridge varieties are now based on tender wholegrain oat flakes (Kölln® White Oats) and soluble wholegrain oat flakes (Kölln® Soluble Oats) and, therefore, have a particularly creamy texture.

    All five Kölln® Oat Porridge varieties
    ✔ are based on tender wholegrain oat flakes (Kölln® White Oats) and soluble wholegrain oat flakes (Kölln® Soluble Oats)
    ✔ offer natural and high-quality recipes
    ✔ do not contain added flavours nor added salt
    ✔ taste warm as a particularly creamy porridge and also convince cold as "Overnight Oats"

    The varieties Fruity and Nutty are without added sugar and contain only the natural sugar content of the ingredients. Furthermore, just like the variety Berry they are also vegan.

  • For the love of oats:
    The Smelk® "Haferliebe" range

    Now available in Germany

    In spring 2019 Kölln Smelk® becomes Kölln Smelk® "Haferliebe" ("love for oats"). With the conversion to organic quality, a young, emotional design and the launch of three trendy varieties – gluten-free, with coconut and with spelt –, the Kölln oat drink range covers all relevant varieties on the market.

    With the development of Smelk® oat drinks, Peter Kölln created a new category in traditional food retail in 2010. Today, it is firmly established and continues to evolve. Initially, consumers with lactose intolerance were the target group. Oat fans, vegetarians and vegans are among the buyers today, too, as well as all those who want to eat less animal-based food products or try something new.

    Following the conviction that consumers who deliberately opt for a diet with more plant-based foods also attach importance to an environmentally friendly agriculture, the conversion to organic quality and the slogan "grown and processed in Germany" were among the main cornerstones of the relaunch. Connected to that are the emotional design and the label "Haferliebe", with which the company Peter Kölln also focuses on its oat expertise and the love of nature.

    The new range consists of the further development of the varieties Classic, Chocolate and Almond as well as the launch of the trendy varieties Gluten-Free, Coconut and Spelt. Five of the six varieties distinguish themselves by the claim "without added sugar", the pleasure-oriented variety with chocolate flavour has a moderate sugar content of 5.9 g / 100 g, compared to the competitive environment.

    All "Haferliebe" drinks are
    ✔ free from milk components, thus free of milk protein, cholesterol and lactose
    ✔ low-fat
    ✔ purely vegetable
    ✔ suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets
    ✔ free from soya
    ✔ made from 100% German organic oats (exception: "Haferliebe" gluten-free)
    ✔ made in Germany

  • Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Yogurt Honey
    – Muesli of the Year 2019 –

    Now available in Germany

    We continue our successful concept with this year’s "Muesli of the Year" Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Yogurt Honey. Inspired by mediterranean flair and the luscious taste of creamy Greek yogurt, our new Muesli of the Year offers crunchy honey pieces dusted with a fine yogurt powder blend, tender yogurt flakes and sliced almonds.

    Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Yogurt Honey 
    ✔ has a high wholegrain content (59%)
    ✔ does not contain any artificial flavours

  • Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Coffee

    Now available in Germany

    Coffee is cult – the abundance of varieties and types of preparation has grown steadily in recent years and stands for a sheer inexhaustible variety to enjoy coffee. With the new Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Coffee Peter Kölln embraces this trend, providing coffee lovers with a muesli that gives the extra kick in the morning.

    The essential ingredient in Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Coffee is coffee extract of 100% Arabica beans. It is baked into the crunchy pieces and, besides, the muesli is dusted with coffee extract. Together with melting whole milk chocolate leaves and white chocolate chunks this Kölln® muesli offers gentle coffee enjoyment.

    Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Coffee convinces with:
    ✔ a high wholegrain content (56%)
    ✔ a natural crunchy pleasure without aroma 
    ✔ UTZ certified chocolate and coffee

    Good to know:

    Most coffee specialties are made from the beans of the two coffee plants Arabica and Robusta. 70 percent of the global production alone is attributable to Arabica. This coffee is considered particularly aromatic. The Arabica plant is native to Ethiopia and grows at heights above 900 meters. Today, important growing countries are Brazil, Colombia and Kenya.

    The word "UTZ" originates from the Mayan language and means "good". UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming. The programme enables farmers to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and take better care of their children and the environment.

  • Kölln® Muesli
    Bircher – Fruit –

    Now available in Germany also in 500 g

    For connoisseurs, Bircher is more than a muesli – it is a declaration of belief in breakfast.

    In 2015 Kölln already launched Muesli Bircher – Fruit – in a 1.7 kg bag on the German market. Conceived as a convenient basis for individually refined Bircher variations on the breakfast buffets in hotels etc., this muesli variety has established itself successfully and will now be brought to German retail shelves in a classic 500 g package in May 2018.

    It was not by chance that Dr. Bircher-Benner chose oats as the basis for his famous invention: muesli. For oats with their nutty aromatic flavour are the ideal breakfast cereal and a clever basis for a delightful breakfast experience. While the majority of the products on the market offer rather firm fruit mueslis as "Bircher", we take the original form of preparation of the Swiss original seriously: Kölln® Bircher is based on a smooth texture and provides the perfect basis for a tender breakfast porridge to refine.

    Kölln® Bircher can of course also be enjoyed just pure as a muesli with milk – a fruity wholegrain pleasure which scores with 75% wholegrain oat flakes and 22% fruits. The addition of nuts and honey emphasizes the style of Bircher-Benner's recipe.

    · Convenient basis according to the traditional delicious recipe in well-known Kölln® quality
    · Can be freshly refined in a few simple steps according to individual taste
    · Also fruity delicious if consumed pure with milk

    Good to know:
    The classic Bircher muesli comes from Switzerland and was recommended as a gentle dietary food by the doctor and diet reformer Dr. Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner around 1900. For his Bircher mueslis he used oat flakes soaked in water overnight which he prepared with a little lemon juice, honey, nuts and condensed milk. Furthermore, a grated apple is an ingredient of this classic recipe. Bircher-Benner is still considered a pioneer of wholefood.

  • New: Tender Oat Mueslis – gluten-free

    Now available in Germany

    More and more people cannot or do not want to eat gluten. With a significantly lower gluten content and a different protein structure than, for example, wheat, oats offer the best conditions for a gluten-free diet. If the entry of other grains into the product is consistently avoided from seed to packaging, oats are considered "gluten-free". Following the successful introduction of White Oats gluten-free, Kölln now presents two tender gluten-free oat mueslis.

    Tender Kölln® Muesli Wholegrain Fruit & Oats – gluten-free – and tender Kölln® Muesli Chocolate & Oats – gluten-free – stand for typical muesli delight from Kölln. Together with White Oats gluten-free they belong to the few wholegrain products for a gluten-free diet and offer a good opportunity to make the gluten-free diet more varied and refined. Both mueslis are not only a delicious breakfast but also suitable for the preparation of gluten-free breads, cakes and cookies.

    Good to know:
    A brand manufacturer like Kölln has the entire production process under control, ensuring the highest levels of purity and strict adherence to all guidelines. This starts with the use of pure seeds and continues with the selection and preparation of the fields. During growth and maturity stage, field inspections take place regularly. For harvesting, transport and storage, only selected, specially cleaned harvesting and transport vehicles are used. Specially trained employees are responsible for the reception and processing of the oats in our facilities. In addition, the gluten content is controlled from the seeds to the final product.

    For all other ingredients of our gluten-free mueslis it is ensured as well that they are produced under controlled conditions and are suitable for a gluten-free diet.

  • Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Orange
    – Muesli of the Year 2018 –

    Now available in Germany

    Kölln presents its latest Muesli of the Year: Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Orange. The refreshing, fruity taste of orange has been successful in pastry, cakes, chocolate and other sweets for a long time already and now it is also being brought to the muesli shelves.

    We love traditions and continue our success story "Muesli of the Year". This time, crispy baked and with cocoa refined wholegrain oat flakes meet dark chocolate and fruity orange – a heavenly combination with a high wholegrain content and natural fruit taste that is suitable both as a refreshing breakfast and as a tasty snack.

    Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Orange convinces with:
    ✔ a natural fruit taste – without artificial flavours
    ✔ a high wholegrain content (60%)
    ✔ a vegan recipe
    ✔ UTZ certified chocolate

  • NEW: White Oats gluten-free!

    Our all-time favourite – White Oats now also gluten-free!

    Gluten is a natural protein found in certain cereals such as wheat, rye, spelt, oats, barley and green spelt, but also in emmer and kamut as the original form of wheat. Gluten is contained in many foods (bread, pasta products, ready meals, confectionery, beverages, spices, etc.) but also, for example, in medicines, toothpaste and cosmetics.

    The protein structure of oats differs significantly from wheat gluten. In addition, oats contain the protein avenin (avena, lat. = oats) which contains less celiac effective prolamin than wheat.

    For those who cannot or do not want to eat gluten, tender White Oats gluten-free with their nutty flavour offer many ways for a more varied and refined diet. To avoid the entry of other grains into the product, we proceed with special care – including the selection of the seeds and the packaging. This is why we realise our gluten-free oat flakes with selected partners, with whom we have maintained a trustful cooperation for many years.

  • Kölln supports "Tour Against Cancer"

    Chris Tonge, former pro cyclist, is facing a challenge: complete the 2017 Tour de France on a fixed-gear bike. The motivation behind the challenge? For us all to raise funds for cancer research.

    Chris will start his challenge on 28th June in Düsseldorf, Germany. Three days ahead of the professionals, he will complete each of the 21 stages of the Tour de France.

    Kölln and Kölln España support this great idea and we hope you all do too! Find out more on or

  • "LECKER Favourite Award 2017" for "Blütenzarte Köllnflocken" (Kölln® White Oats)

    We are very happy to have received the "LECKER Favourite Award 2017". Our "Blütenzarte Köllnflocken" (Kölln® White Oats) won the category "Bestseller"!

    The LECKER Favourite Award 2017
    This year, for the first time, the food magazine LECKER* awarded the "LECKER Favourite". Innovative and creative products as well as companies from the food industry which offer unique products were rewarded in 9 categories.

    Winner in the category "Bestseller":
    Kölln® White Oats

    "Blütenzarte Köllnflocken" (Kölln® White Oats) are a superfood and an all time favourite for breakfast as well as for cooking and baking. This was also the vote of the jury and so the beautiful trophy of the winged LECKER fork was handed over to Kölln as the bright winner of the category "Bestseller".  

    * LECKER (in English: TASTY) is a monthly innovative food magazine of the Bauer Media Group. It stands for a refined and yet simply cuisine and presents kitchen classics as well as trends of the young kitchen both uncomplicated and in a sophisticated visual language. LECKER is lifestyle and lives the art of cooking.
    The Bauer Media Group is one of the most successful media houses in the world. Over 600 magazines, more than 400 digital products and more than 100 radio and TV stations reach millions of people around the world. 

  • Hungarian TV commercial

    Our partner in Hungary launched a marketing campaign for the Hungarian market just now featuring Rio Olympic medallists. Check out the campaign's TV commercial with Rio Olympic bronze medal winner, European Champion and World Champion in fencing Rédli András!

  • Kölln® Muesli Bars

    The bar from the muesli expert

    You always wanted Kölln® muesli to go? In mid-March 2017 Kölln introduced its muesli varieties

    Kölln® Muesli Chocolate
    Kölln® Muesli Chocolate Banana
    Kölln® Muesli Cranberry
    Kölln® Muesli Yogurt Strawberry
    Kölln® Muesli Honey-Nut

    as muesli bars to the German market.

    Our muesli bars really deserve their name as the many Kölln muesli-typical ingredients are recognizable at first sight: Oat flakes firm to the bite and Kölln® Oat Crispies as well as the fruity, nutty or chocolaty ingredients which give the bars their typical, muesli-coloured appearance and their natural taste.

    The new Kölln® Muesli Bars …

    … focus on the best and most nutritious cereal: oats
    … have a high wholegrain content
    … contain 25% less sugar than muesli bars from German competitors
    … contain no added flavours
    … are free from the allergen soya (Lecithine)

    Kölln® Muesli Bars contain only natural ingredients, thus convince with a genuine taste experience.

    A great treat and energy supply at the same time for people who define high-quality food not only by the taste but also by the value of the ingredients.

  • Greek TV commercial

    Our partner in Greece launched a TV commercial for the Greek market in March. Check it out here!

  • Kölln Muesli Crunchy Apple & Poppy Seed

    Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Apple & Poppy Seed
    – Muesli of the Year 2017 –

    Kölln Muesli Crunchy Apple & Poppy Seed

    Now available in Germany

    Kölln presents its latest Muesli of the Year: Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Apple & Poppy Seed – a muesli like you’ve never tasted it before. This unique muesli creation convinces with pleasantly fruity-tasting crunchy pieces, baked with poppy seeds, and refreshing apple chips. A delicious breakfast experience and also the right choice if one has a craving for "sweets".

    With this muesli Kölln continues the success story of the creative approach "Our Muesli of the Year" on its 10th anniversary. Since 2007, many innovative creations such as Kölln® Muesli Chocolate Cherry or Kölln® Crunchy Chocolate Biscuit have captured the hearts and stomachs of many people and thus occupied a permanent place in the muesli shelves. At the same time, they make a decisive contribution to manifest Kölln as a driver in the growing muesli market.

  • Oats as a superfood

    Jamie Oliver also identified oats as a superfood and presents seven delicious ideas with oats.

    Take a look:

  • New and organic: Kölln® Tender Spelt Flakes

    Now available in Germany

    Kölln expands its organic product range and introduces Kölln® Tender Spelt Flakes to the German market in June 2016.

    Consumers are more and more looking for natural, high-quality products. Therefore, organic products are becoming increasingly popular. So is spelt as spelt is one of the oldest cultivated crops in human history. Kölln® Tender Spelt Flakes are made from 100% wholegrain spelt and convince with their tender organic quality. The spelt is grown and processed in Germany.

    With their slightly nutty flavour Kölln® Tender Spelt Flakes are an ideal basis for homemade mueslis and can as well be used as a baking ingredient or for warm and hearty meals, for example, as an alternative to meat in veggie burgers.

  • Greek website

    Greek website online

    Greek website

    Information about Kölln® products available in Greece, delicious recipes and other interesting facts can now be found on the Greek website

  • Kölln® Muesli Chocolate Banana and Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Mint

    Two new delicious muesli varieties now available in Germany

    Kölln® Muesli Chocolate Banana

    This delicious muesli comes with a high wholegrain oat content and other scrumptious ingredients, such as banana chips and flakes, whole milk chocolate flakes and almond brittle. Without any added flavours this muesli convinces with its natural fruit taste.

    Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Mint
    This unique creation combines delicious crunchy oat cocoa clusters with soft-melting little mint pieces coated with bittersweet chocolate – an irresistible breakfast treat which also brings something special to cakes and biscuits.

  • Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Biscuit Cocoa & Oats

    Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Biscuit Cocoa & Oats

    Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Biscuit Cocoa & Oats

    Our new export muesli:
    delicious crunchy wholegrain oat clusters with a bittersweet taste of cocoa combined with delicate white chocolate and dark cocoa biscuits celebrate a joint premiere in the muesli bowl.