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  • Recipe of the month

    Frisian Porridge
    Warm your body and heart with a lovely porridge – easy to make with Kölln® White Oats, deliciously complemented with apple and plum puree. Click here for the recipe.

    +++ More delicious recipes can be found here +++


  • NEW: White Oats gluten-free!

    Our all-time favourite – White Oats now also gluten-free!

    Gluten is a natural protein found in certain cereals such as wheat, rye, spelt, oats, barley and green spelt, but also in emmer and kamut as the original form of wheat. Gluten is contained in many foods (bread, pasta products, ready meals, confectionery, beverages, spices, etc.) but also, for example, in medicines, toothpaste and cosmetics.

    The protein structure of oats differs significantly from wheat gluten. In addition, oats contain the protein avenin (avena, lat. = oats) which contains less celiac effective prolamin than wheat.

    For those who cannot or do not want to eat gluten, tender White Oats gluten-free with their nutty flavour offer many ways for a more varied and refined diet. To avoid the entry of other grains into the product, we proceed with special care – including the selection of the seeds and the packaging. This is why we realise our gluten-free oat flakes with selected partners, with whom we have maintained a trustful cooperation for many years.

  • Kölln supports "Tour Against Cancer"

    Chris Tonge, former pro cyclist, is facing a challenge: complete the 2017 Tour de France on a fixed-gear bike. The motivation behind the challenge? For us all to raise funds for cancer research.

    Chris will start his challenge on 28th June in Düsseldorf, Germany. Three days ahead of the professionals, he will complete each of the 21 stages of the Tour de France.

    Kölln and Kölln España support this great idea and we hope you all do too! Find out more on or

  • "LECKER Favourite Award 2017" for "Blütenzarte Köllnflocken" (Kölln® White Oats)

    We are very happy to have received the "LECKER Favourite Award 2017". Our "Blütenzarte Köllnflocken" (Kölln® White Oats) won the category "Bestseller"!

    The LECKER Favourite Award 2017
    This year, for the first time, the food magazine LECKER* awarded the "LECKER Favourite". Innovative and creative products as well as companies from the food industry which offer unique products were rewarded in 9 categories.

    Winner in the category "Bestseller":
    Kölln® White Oats

    "Blütenzarte Köllnflocken" (Kölln® White Oats) are a superfood and an all time favourite for breakfast as well as for cooking and baking. This was also the vote of the jury and so the beautiful trophy of the winged LECKER fork was handed over to Kölln as the bright winner of the category "Bestseller".  

    * LECKER (in English: TASTY) is a monthly innovative food magazine of the Bauer Media Group. It stands for a refined and yet simply cuisine and presents kitchen classics as well as trends of the young kitchen both uncomplicated and in a sophisticated visual language. LECKER is lifestyle and lives the art of cooking.
    The Bauer Media Group is one of the most successful media houses in the world. Over 600 magazines, more than 400 digital products and more than 100 radio and TV stations reach millions of people around the world. 

  • Hungarian TV commercial

    Our partner in Hungary launched a marketing campaign for the Hungarian market just now featuring Rio Olympic medallists. Check out the campaign's TV commercial with Rio Olympic bronze medal winner, European Champion and World Champion in fencing Rédli András!

  • Kölln® Muesli Bars

    The bar from the muesli expert

    You always wanted Kölln® muesli to go? In mid-March 2017 Kölln introduced its muesli varieties

    Kölln® Muesli Chocolate
    Kölln® Muesli Chocolate Banana
    Kölln® Muesli Cranberry
    Kölln® Muesli Yogurt Strawberry
    Kölln® Muesli Honey-Nut

    as muesli bars to the German market.

    Our muesli bars really deserve their name as the many Kölln muesli-typical ingredients are recognizable at first sight: Oat flakes firm to the bite and Kölln® Oat Crispies as well as the fruity, nutty or chocolaty ingredients which give the bars their typical, muesli-coloured appearance and their natural taste.

    The new Kölln® Muesli Bars …

    … focus on the best and most nutritious cereal: oats
    … have a high wholegrain content
    … contain 25% less sugar than muesli bars from German competitors
    … contain no added flavours
    … are free from the allergen soya (Lecithine)

    Kölln® Muesli Bars contain only natural ingredients, thus convince with a genuine taste experience.

    A great treat and energy supply at the same time for people who define high-quality food not only by the taste but also by the value of the ingredients.

  • Greek TV commercial

    Our partner in Greece launched a TV commercial for the Greek market in March. Check it out here!

  • Kölln Muesli Crunchy Apple & Poppy Seed

    Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Apple & Poppy Seed
    – Muesli of the Year 2017 –

    Kölln Muesli Crunchy Apple & Poppy Seed

    Now available in Germany

    Kölln presents its latest Muesli of the Year: Kölln® Muesli Crunchy Apple & Poppy Seed – a muesli like you’ve never tasted it before. This unique muesli creation convinces with pleasantly fruity-tasting crunchy pieces, baked with poppy seeds, and refreshing apple chips. A delicious breakfast experience and also the right choice if one has a craving for "sweets".

    With this muesli Kölln continues the success story of the creative approach "Our Muesli of the Year" on its 10th anniversary. Since 2007, many innovative creations such as Kölln® Muesli Chocolate Cherry or Kölln® Crunchy Chocolate Biscuit have captured the hearts and stomachs of many people and thus occupied a permanent place in the muesli shelves. At the same time, they make a decisive contribution to manifest Kölln as a driver in the growing muesli market.

  • Oats as a superfood

    Jamie Oliver also identified oats as a superfood and presents seven delicious ideas with oats.

    Take a look:

  • UTZ Certified

    What does UTZ Certified mean?

    When you buy UTZ Certified coffee, cocoa or tea you are helping build a better future. The word "UTZ” originates from the Mayan language and means “good”.

    UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. The UTZ programme enables farmers to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and take better care of their children and the environment.

    Through the UTZ programme farmers grow better crops, generate more income and create better opportunities while safeguarding the environment and securing the earth’s natural resources.

    Kölln is supporting this sustainable programme and uses chocolate from 100% UTZ Certified cocoa (standard: Mass Balance) for all Kölln mueslis and cereals containing chocolate since the end of 2012.

    Click here to see a video!